Seeing Our Supporters @ LUMA’s DMS Conference

Terry Kawaja welcomed Jay Sears of Team Dayā at the LUMA DMS conference in NYC May 16, 2023

Team Dayā enjoyed seeing a myriad of our early and ongoing supporters at the LUMA DMS (digital marketing summit) in New York this week. Most folks know that our work building schools in some of the most impoverished places in the world would simply not be possible without the support from support from over 600+ founders, CEOs and executives across the advertising and technology ecosystem

Team Dayā presented the updates on our three completed schools as well as our future building plans along with a call to action:

#1 Invest. Help us reach our $40,000 fundraising goal for the LUMA DMS conference. Donate and invest in our generational impact, high ROI “primary schools start-up” – donate to the LUMA campaign here. Special gratitude for major gifts from Rajeev Goal at Pubmatic ($5,000), Stephen Master at GTCR ($5000) and Brian Barnum and Stephen Royer of Shamrock Capital ($5,000).

#2 Voice. Invite us to speak at your conference or to your employees. Big, big thanks to Terry Kawaja, his newest partner Conor McKenna, Ashley Holmes, Susan Marshall and the rest of LUMA for integrating us into there annual DMS event.

#3 Team. Consider joining our Team and travel to a school build in Nicaragua (November 2023), Nepal (spring 2024) or another destination. We promise one of the most joyful experiences of your life. Reach out to any team member or contact our head of recruiting.

Team Dayā members Nicolle Pangis of Ampersand, Jay Sears of Team Dayā, and Mike Benedek of Datonics at the LUMA DMS conference in NYC May 16, 2023

Our team members Nicolle Pangis of Ampersand, Mike Benedek of Datonics or Jay Sears of Team Dayā (fka mastercard, Rubicon Project) were waving the team flag. All three are part of a larger group of ten headed to the groups next school building project in Malawi (East Africa) in early July.

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