Kristy Quagliariello



Headed to Nicaragua: Project Start November 19, 2023.  If you are interested in learning more, or possibly traveling with us to work on the groundbreaking, please contact us.

Kristy Quagliariello – Toronto, Canada

Bio: Kristy is the VP of Programmatic at Klick Health, focused on omni-channel programmatic planning for pharmaceutical and health science clients in the US.. She has an MBA from Niagara University in Marketing Management.

Why: I took for granted having access to a good education in a safe space, having grown up in Canada; a country that leads the G7 in having the most educated workforce. Following university, I did some international travel, but I was looking for something more unique that would allow me to see another part of the world, not simply as a tourist.

I did some research and decided to apply to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village program. That May 2009 trip to Lujan, Argentina was life changing for me. Not only did I help lay the foundation for a family’s dream home and paint the inside of a donated community library; I worked hand in hand with the local families and contractors, had dinner at a local family’s home and visited a school and met with the community’s children. I felt like a celebrity at an awards show when the principal introduced our group and the work we were doing; I would be remiss to say I didn’t shed a few tears in that moment.

In the USA and Canada we’re so focused on ourselves, and acquiring “things” and “status;” we lack a simple sense of community. Those people in that community may not have had any of the material items we Americans/Canadians have but they were some of the most generous, kind, happy and thankful people I’ve ever met. It also illustrated how important education and educational resources are to a small, rural community. I’m excited to partner with Team Dayā ( दया), and be part of this movement to empower communities through education.