Lauren Rose




Headed to a school building project in spring 2024.

Lauren Rose – New York

Bio: Lauren has 10 years of experience in the advertising technology space and currently leads the existing business team at Connatix. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling to learn about different cultures, languages and food.

Why: My why started when I studied abroad in Nanjing, China. I had the privilege of studying at one of the best Universities in China while traveling and being exposed to some of the most impoverished areas of the country. This disparity between worlds just a few hours apart solidified the impact that education has in communities.

While studying, I had the even bigger privilege of teaching English to local students ranging from elementary to high school levels. From finding creative ways to practice English through music with younger students to helping prepare for TOEFL exams and building support systems for high school students accepted into US universities, I saw first-hand the value that people place in a good education, something that can be taken for granted in the US.

Equitable access to education is a cause I’ve always been passionate about and I couldn’t be more excited to join Team Dayā on a future build to and experience how impactful building a school can be in uplifting communities.

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