Chevan Nanayakkara

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Chevan Nanayakkara – New York 

Bio: Executive and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in a number of industries including media, telecommunications and data monetization.

Why: My family has always placed a high value in education. My mother came to the United States from Sri Lanka in the 1960s as a Montessori teacher. Later in life, she and my father started a Montessori school in my hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah that is now becoming a generational business, transitioning to my sister and my own ownership. The mission of Team Dayā really resonates with my own values (and training in developmental economics) and is a humble opportunity to use my position in the US to bring the blessings of education to an emerging economy and community. Education not only unlocks economic opportunity but build social bonds and strengthens families. I’m grateful to Jay and Team Dayā for giving me an opportunity to take action in a global impact initiative that is near and dear to my heart across so many dimensions.

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