Jaryd Knutsen

Jaryd “One Call Close” Knutsen – Chicago – Founding Partner

Team Dayā Founding Partner Jaryd Knutsen digs the foundation for a three room school house in Dhayapur, Nepal in October 2019.

Bio: Jaryd is VP of Sales at TruSignal, a TransUnion company. He has worked at Turn, Pulsepoint and ContextWeb.

Why: Living in the United States and working within the marketing and advertising industry it’s easy to get caught up in the stress of day to day activities, taking for granted just how fortunate we all are. As I’ve grown as an individual and professional, I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to zoom out and put things in perspective of just how lucky I’ve been throughout my life and my career. Coming from a family where going to college was expected, and from a community where public-school resources were abundant, it’s important to take a step back and appreciate the opportunities that have been made available to me throughout my life, by nothing else except the good fortune of being born and raised in the USA. This is why I’m joining Jay on this mission to give back and help a community that’s in much need of something so simple that we, as Americans, too often take for granted – access to education. Learning more about Nepal over the past couple of months, what really shocked me was the literacy rate is an abysmal 63.9 percent (males 76.4 percent and females 53.1 percent). The global average is 86.3%. From where we’re sitting it’s hard to comprehend how crippling the lack of access to education is to the families and communities. By contributing time and energy to building a school in Nepal, I hope to make a hands-on, positive impact on the lives of people less fortunate than myself.

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