Jordan Mitchell

Jordan “Gone Fishing” Mitchell – Seattle – Founding Partner

Jordan Mitchell, Team Dayā founding partner, bends rebar to be used constructing the three room schoolhouse in Dhayapur, Nepal October 2019.

Bio: Jordan is SVP of Membership & Operations at IAB Tech Lab. He has worked at, Rubicon Project, Others Online and 121Media.

Why: I’ve been so fortunate in my life — with good education, a wonderful family, great friends, solid health, a successful career and time for ongoing outdoor recreation. Now that I’m older, I think about the legacy I want to leave. I understand that after I’m gone, it’s not the things I have (or had) that matter; rather, it’s the respect I’ve built for myself in my community and the lives I’ve touched. It’s my sincere hope that building a school in Nepal, where education is in such dire need, will positively impact many children for years to come. It’s my honor and privilege to be involved in this team with Jay, Jaryd and Hasan and I hope you’ll support our endeavor!

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