Youssef Ben Youssef

Youssef “Omanga Sukulu*” Ben Youssef – New York

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Bio: Youssef, aka YBY, is Head of Ad Platform at Roku. He is an omni-linguist, world-traveler (65+ countries), and ad tech veteran (AppNexus, Iponweb, FreeWheel, Turn, etc.). YBY has participated and led several charitable initiatives mainly in Africa and Asia.

Why: Being born in Africa and having lived in seven countries, I learnt earlier on the importance of education in leveling the playing field, especially in poor countries. The opportunities that life has given me are immense and it’s my duty to give back to the needy in an effective fashion. Africa has been always close to my heart, I have led a charitable initiative in Tanzania five years ago and I am delighted to participate in this effort in Malawi where kids of all ages lack the bare minimum for a decent living. I will be honored to join a group of friends that share the same values as me.

*means “school builder” in Chichewa, a language spoken in Malawi