Dan Magder

Headed to Malawi (East Africa): Project Start July 2, 2023

Malawi is consistently ranked among the world’s 20 least developed countries on the UN Human Development Index. Seventy-one percent of the country’s population lives below the poverty line of US $1.90 a day. Nearly half of primary school-age children dropout before advancing to secondary school and the literacy rate in Malawi is only 62% among people 15 years old and older.

Team Dayā is scheduled to start its school groundbreaking in Malawi on Sunday, July 2, 2023. If you are interested in learning more, or possibly traveling with us to work on the groundbreaking, please contact us.

Dan Magder – Washington, DC

Bio: Founder and Managing Partner of Center Creek Capital Group, a real estate investment and development firm focused on affordable housing for low/moderate income Americans.

Why: After backpacking through East Africa in my early 30s, I thought that I should become a development economist – there is so much need, and so much help we could potentially provide to lesser developed countries to improve their economies. However, I also recognized that there is significant poverty and need in our own backyards here in the U.S. and I have focused my efforts on developing and preserving safe, durable, attractive housing for lower-income Americans.

I still have a passion for helping those who are even less fortunate – and am struck by the tremendous impact we can have. I am joining Team Dayā to help raise awareness and funds for people who truly need it. Each of your donations – whether it is $25, $100, or $1000 – goes a very very long way, creating a solid school building for a community in Malawi where there was none.

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