Hasan Arik

Hasan “Trust & Transparency” Arik – London – Founding Partner

Team Daya Founding Partner Hasan Arik digs himself into a hole. Dhayapur, Nepal October 2019.

Bio: Hasan is CEO at Redmill. He has worked at Mediacom and GroupM.

Why: I’m from a developing country, and a very large farming family.  We had loads of love, we had plenty of food when the crops were good, sometimes it wasn’t good, sometimes we had shoes, we always had laughter.  I was lucky enough to have a fantastic teacher in primary school who believed in me and my brain.  That set me on the path to amazing opportunities – I have been Global Head of Technology for the world’s largest media company, I have started a company that created the world’s leading media intelligence platform, I have been lucky.  This is because I had a school.  I am going to Nepal with some other media mates to make a difference to others – one school at time.  Please help me on this journey.  Sponsor our team to build another school.  Let someone else get lucky…

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