Team Dayā Story

Team Dayā (Dayā means kindness in Nepali) is a group of your friends from the advertising & technology industries who are building primary schools in some of the most impoverished places in the world. We completed our first school groundbreaking in Dhayapur, Nepal in October 2019, just twelve months after our founding. We are planning to fund two additional schools in 2020–one in East Africa, and one in Central America.

We need your help–please consider making a donation, joining a future school build or helping us to get the word out about Team Dayā and our work. We are working with buildOn, a global nonprofit that has partnered with villages for nearly 30 years to build 1,200+ primary schools in the world’s poorest countries.

Team Dayā School in Senegal is Complete

The Team Dayā school in Nguiddine Keur Sara in the Fatick region of Senegal is complete! Previously operating from two temporary classrooms made from millet stalks, sticks, leaves and cardboard, the community’s 100+ first, second and third graders now enjoy a proper, permanent school building. Waly Gueye is the father of four boys and four […]

8 Seconds: When You Build a School in Senegal, Dancing Happens

When you build a school, dancing happens. Enjoy this video of 8 seconds of happiness. The community of Nguiddine Keur Sara, Senegal expresses thanks for the new school building. If you missed our prior reports from Senegal – read Mike’s first hand account of the Senegal build and the thank you from Chief Khokhan Nolong.