Our Schools

Team Dayā raises funds and then works with our non-profit partner buidOn to construct schools in some of the most remote, impoverished places in the world. Oftentimes a community will have a damaged or impaired school building, a basic or overrun structure or simply no school facility at all.

There is involvement from Team Dayā in its fundraising commitments, our non-profit partner buidOn with its expertise in community selection and school construction in remote areas, the local community which contributes governance and all manual labor and local government which provides teaching staff.

We completed the groundbreaking of Team Dayā’s first school in Dhayapur, Nepal in October 2019. Full, completed construction will take approximately one hundred days and is expected by January 2020. The Team is currently planning two school builds for 2020–one in Malawi (East Africa) and one in Guatemala (Central America).

Please consider getting involved.