Q&A with Team Dayā’s Head of Recruiting, Jaryd Knutsen

We are very pleased to announce our first head of recruiting will be our friend and team member Jaryd Knutsen.

Jaryd will be working with us to make sure we continue to build out Team Dayā and support our team members. Making our team members successful means we can continue Building Change in communities in need of schools.

Meet Jaryd. Then we’ll see you on a future build … -Jay

Jaryd Knutsen on a Team Dayā school build in Nepal.

Your name: Jaryd Knutsen

Your Day Job: I lead sales for TRUSTX, a programmatic supply-side platform. 

Your Team Dayā Job: Head of Recruiting

How do you describe Team Dayā’s purpose to friends and family? 

Knutsen: I describe Team Dayā as a group of friends of the digital advertising community, who want to make a positive impact in a scalable way. We do this by enabling a safe environment for childhood education, with a focus on the most impoverished areas of the world. In societies where the majority of children don’t have access to infrastructure that supports education, the impact of a new school facility carries on for years, and reaches generations of people within these communities. We build schools in partnership with buildOn, and work hand-in-hand with the communities, with the support from their local leadership. 

You are one of Team Dayā’s founding members and joined its inaugural school groundbreaking Dhayapur, Nepal in October 2019. What initially motivated you to become involved?

Knutsen: I’ve come to realize that the key to genuine happiness and feeling fulfilled is by serving others. When exploring various outlets to give back, having the opportunity to get hands-on and do something face-to-face with the people we want to help, became an important criteria. When Jay approached me about starting Team Dayā,  the opportunity to live and work with the local communities while helping them build the infrastructure for education, was most appealing and motivating to get involved. 

What is one of your best memories from that first school groundbreaking?

Knutsen: The welcoming ceremony the local community gave us was something I’ll never forget. The speeches from the local leadership, the songs, the dancing, the traditions, the children running around, everything about it was awe inspiring. We were welcomed with so much kindness and gratitude, it really made me realize the positive impact we’re making on these families and communities. 

Jaryd Knutsen on on a Team Dayā school build in Nepal.

Each team member helps to fundraise–what are the good and bad parts of fundraising?

Knutsen: The good is that you get to reconnect with so many old friends and colleagues, with something genuinely positive to talk about. It’s always inspiring for me, when engaging with a friend about supporting Team Dayā, as you often hear how they too are doing something meaningful by serving others. It really reminds you how much good really does happen in this world, when it’s so easy to get lost in the negative news cycles we’re all exposed to.

The bad, or I supposed the hard part is that you have to really put in the time and effort. Money doesn’t raise by itself. You have to manufacture the energy and enthusiasm to do proactive outreach. 

School building also includes dancing.

What are the various ways someone can get involved and support Team Dayā?


#1 Join an upcoming build! Connect with me or Jay, and we’ll give you some options to join upcoming builds in Malawi, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Nepal and Senegal. 

#2 Make a donation online

#3 Sponsor an entire School build. Have a group of family or friends that would like to join you? Reach out to me knutsen.jaryd@gmail.com, and we’ll review some options for your group to sponsor a school. 

#4 Follow us

Website & email

Thanks Jaryd!

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