It’s On: $15,000 Matching Challenge

(PHOTO: Do the math! U of Digital will double your impact. Redmill CEO and Team Dayā team member Hasan Arik during a math lesson earlier this year in Senegal.)

Team Dayā needs your assistance to take advantage of a $15,000 matching challenge between now and December 31st. 

Our friends at U of Digital will donate dollar for dollar up to $15,000 to our general fund for every dollar you donate to Team Dayā and its members. This is an opportunity to raise up to $30,000 in the next ten days. Will you help us?

Donate & Match by December 31st

“We were so heartened to see Team Dayā back out in Senegal earlier this year,” said U of Digital founder Shiv Gupta. “We want to continue to provide support and the group dials up its 2023 efforts in Guatemala and Malawi. Please join us in supporting school building in these communities.”

Donate & Match by December 31st

Please consider a donation so Team Dayā can continue its work. 

Three Ways You Can Help

1. Make a Donation Online

Example investment opportunities:

  • $100 Five shovels for excavating the school’s solid foundation
  • $250 All the nails, nuts, and bolts to build a roof for the school
  • $500 In-country mason during the entire construction of the school
  • $1,000 Paint for a school

2. Spread the Word

3. Join the Team & Travel on a School Build

  • If you have a combination of fundraising chops, an adventurous spirit and the belief each of us has the capacity to be Building Change, get in touch with us and have a conversation.

Donate & Match by December 31st

Thanks again for your continued support,

All of us at Team Dayā

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