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Terry Kawaja

At LUMA DMS 2023 we are welcoming back Team Dayā, a group of advertising & technology executives who are raising funds to build primary schools in some of the most impoverished places in the world.

Since presenting at DMS in 2019, the group founded by adtech veteran Jay Sears with support from over 600+ founders, CEOs and executives, has launched schools in Nepal, Senegal and Guatemala. In 45 days, the group will break ground on a school in Malawi – the group’s fourth school.

We invite you to join us in supporting Team Dayā in its spring campaign. Our goal during DMS is to raise $40,000, the cost of a simple two or three room school house that can transform a community.

Make a Donation to Team Dayā Now

All investments are welcome, and special recognition will be given during DMS to these donor levels:

  • Individual donors investing $1,000; $2,500 or $5,000+
  • Corporate donors investing $20,000; $40,000 or more

Team Dayā Founder Jay Sears will be on the DMS main stage talking about the group’s progress, plans and how individual executives and your companies can support the mission of bringing education to some of the most remote areas of the developing world.

Make a Donation to Team Dayā Now

If you are considering a large gift, or want to learn more about joining Team Dayā on an upcoming school build, speak with these Team Dayā members at LUMA DMS (left to right: Nicolle Pangis of Ampersand, Mike Benedek of Datonics or Jay Sears of Team Dayā (fka mastercard, Rubicon Project).

Make a Donation to Team Dayā Now

I’ll be happy to introduce you to these executives if you do not already know them personally. Thanks for making a difference,