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Dhayapur, Nepal Completes Schoolhouse, Help Us Do It Again

(PHOTO: School is in session in Dhayapur, Nepal.)

Just four months after breaking ground in Dhayapur, Nepal, the local community, in conjunction with Team Dayā and its supporters, and our non-profit partner buildOn, has completed the construction of a beautiful yellow, maroon and white three-room schoolhouse. The students and teachers are already at work in the school.

On behalf of Dhayapur, buildOn and Team Dayā, we want to send a very big Dhan’yavāda (thank you in Nepali) to all our supporters. Doing this was a dream before we began the group in November 2018, and now we can point to our first successful school completion.

See photos of the completed school just below.

We hope you will continue your support of Team Dayā as we keep building change. We have scheduled two school groundbreakings in 2020 – the first in just 60 days (late April) in Malawi (East Africa) and a second in October in Guatemala (Central America).

Let’s do it again! Please consider making a contribution.



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Team Dayā Malawi Groundbreaking

Some of you might consider getting more involved or even traveling with the team to a school groundbreaking in 2020 or 2021. We are holding two information sessions at the LUMA Partner’s New York office in the coming weeks–on Wednesday, March 4th from 4pm – 6pm and a second session on Thursday, May 7th from 4pm – 6pm (please RSVP).

We hope to see you soon and thank you again for your support. And the best part – photos of the new school in Dhayapur, Nepal:

And the final weeks of construction:

Please donate to Team Dayā ( दया) to help us build primary schools in Nepal, Malawi, Guatemala and other impoverished places.