A Thank You from Nguiddine Keur Sara, Senegal

Team Dayā on the worksite with Nguiddine Keur Sara community members.

After a long pandemic hiatus, Team Dayā successfully kicked off its second school in Nguiddine Keur Sara in the Fatick region of Senegal.

The new school will be used by first graders (35 students), second graders (35 students) and third graders (34 students), replacing the two current classrooms built from sticks, leaves and cardboard.

You – our donors – make this possible.

Team Dayā members Michael Benedek, Hasan Arik and Jay Sears worked in 107 degree heat alongside community members digging the foundation, hand-mixing cement, making cinder blocks, carrying gravel and sand in bucket lines and bending rebar.

A thank you from Chief Khokhan Nolong.

Team Dayā with Chief Khokhan Nolong after signing the covenant governing the school building.

“If we had the word that expressed more than thank you, we would use that,” said Chief Khokhan Nolong at a closing ceremony with Team Dayā and Nguiddine Keur Sara community members. “We pray for you, the way you come in peace here. May you also go in peace in your country.”

Watch his full comments:

Chief Khokhan Nolong of Nguiddine Keur Sara

Your donations will allow a project leader and skilled laborers from our NGO partner buildOn to assist community members to complete the school building over the next few weeks. We will continue to share stories of our time in Nguiddine Keur Sara and updates on school construction over the coming weeks.

Please consider a donation so Team Dayā can continue its work.

Three Ways You Can Help

  1. Make a Donation Online
    • Example investment opportunities:
      • $100 Five shovels for excavating the school’s solid foundation
      • $250 All the nails, nuts, and bolts to build a roof for the school
      • $500 In-country mason during the entire construction of the school
      • $1,000 Paint for a school
      • $40,000 Fund an entire school
  2. Spread the Word
    • Share our mission with your friends, your company and your industry
    • Invite us to speak about our mission to your network
    • Follow us on our website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  3. Join the Team & Travel on a School Build
    • If you have a combination of fundraising chops, an adventurous spirit and the belief each of us has the capacity to be Building Change, get in touch with us and have a conversation.

Thanks again for your continued support,

All of us at Team Dayā

Team Dayā member Hasan Arik during math class in Nguiddine Keur Sara.

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