Team Dayā Breaks Ground on First School Next Week

We are just a week away from the groundbreaking of our first school, and we want to say thank you.

Once we return in November, we’ll be posting updates & photos of the school build and our 2020 plans on A reminder, we are planning two additional school builds next year and are looking for additional team members. If you or a friend might have an interest traveling to a school build, please let us know.

Also–please hold Wednesday, December 11th for our first annual holiday cocktail fundraiser in New York City. We’ll send more details to all of you in November.

Next week we head to the Kanchanpur district in the Terai (lowlands) of Nepal. The Terai is generally a forgotten area of Nepal, located far from the major hubs for non-profits–Kathmandu and Pokhara. Many working age males travel across the nearby border into India and send remittances back to their families, leaving women to tend fields and take care of the home. The Terai holds a dark history of Kamaiya, bonded laborers who were not officially liberated until the early 2000s.

We will break ground for a new school building in Dhayapur, population 2,500 with a school population of 165 (50 boys and 115 girls). The community is mixed caste and ethnicity of Brahmin, Chhetri, Dalit and Tharu. The community has an existing school serving eight grade levels and an early childhood development class but some of the classroom buildings are in poor condition including leaking ceilings, making it a challenging environment, especially in the rainy (monsoon) season. Your investment will help build a new building with three classrooms as well as separate boys and girls restrooms.

The community is remote enough you will not find it on Google maps–hard for many of us to think of this. Our connectivity will be limited during the trip but Team Dayā will return with many stories and photos. We hope the work will inspire your continued investment, and that some of you will consider traveling on a future school build.

Grateful for your support and belief in our work,

Founder, Team Dayā 

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