Back to the School Build: Senegal in T-Minus Six Weeks

There was never any doubt if–the only question was when

In late March, Team Dayā will be back Building Change

For the first time since the global pandemic derailed our plans, a small intrepid group will be heading to Senegal in West Africa to work on a school build.

“A school is an open door to the world,” said Michael “The Bricklayer” Benedek, CEO of the independent data marketplace Datonics and one of the Team Dayā members that will be heading to Senegal. “It is truly humbling to be part of such an amazing cause and help open a world of opportunity to a community so far from home.”

Of course none of this is possible without you–and the myriad of our supporters from across the technology, advertising and media sectors.

Why Senegal

Senegal currently ranks 168 out of 189 countries on the UN Human Development Index. Nearly half of all Senegalese over the age of 15 are illiterate and more than 6 million (38 percent of the  total population) are living below the poverty line of $1.90 a day. Nearly half of all children living in rural areas are not enrolled in school, compared to 21 percent in urban areas. 

We will be sharing details about our school building project in the weeks leading up to our departure–be sure to follow us.

Three Ways You Can Help

  1. Make a Donation Online
    1. Example investment opportunities:
      1. $100 Five shovels for excavating the school’s solid foundation
      2. $250 All the nails, nuts, and bolts to build a roof for the school
      3. $500 In-country mason during the entire construction of the school
      4. $1,000 Paint for a school
  2. Spread the Word
    1. Share our mission with your friends, your company and your industry
    2. Invite us to speak about our mission to your network
    3. Follow us on our website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  3. Join the Team & Travel on a School Build
    1. If you have a combination of fundraising chops, an adventurous spirit and the belief each of us has the capacity to be Building Change, get in touch with us and have a conversation.

Meet the Team Dayā Members Traveling to Senegal

Michael “The Bricklayer” Benedek. Michael is the president and CEO of leading independent data marketplace Datonics, with over 25 years in the Internet, financial services and healthcare fields based in New York and in Tel Aviv.

Hasan “Trust & Transparency” Arik. Hasan is the founder & CEOof Redmill Solutions, a specialist media data management company headquartered in London. He has worked at Mediacom and GroupM.

Jay “The Instigator” Sears. Jay is the founder of Team Dayā and a longtime ad tech executive. He has worked at Mastercard, Rubicon Project, Pulsepoint, ContextWeb, EDGAR Online and Wolff New Media.

We will be telling each of you more about the Senegal school build both leading up to, during and after the build.

Thanks again for your continued support,

All of us at Team Dayā

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