Matching Grant & Pandemic Updates from Team Dayā


We hope this post finds you and your family safe and healthy during this pandemic. We are writing with updates including a new challenge grant we have been given for the month of August 2020.

First, one of our current supporters, Shiv Gupta, the founder of the digital marketing education company U of Digital, will match the next $4,000 in contributions to Team Dayā.

If you are able, please consider a gift.

The other good news is we have an expanding team that is ready to go into the field to resume school building in 2021, post pandemic, when we get the green light from our non-profit partner buildOn.

In addition to our Nepal team members (who all intend to participate in future school builds), our new team members include Michael Benedek of Datonics, Gerry Berton of Microsoft and Youssef Ben Youssef of Roku. These individuals have committed to a personal fundraising goal as well as traveling to a future school groundbreaking.

The pandemic has been a time of reflection for many of us. We want Team Dayā to come out stronger than ever on the other side of this. This means continuing to build our core team and staying ahead of our fundraising goals. Our non-profit partner buildOn has seen donations drop 20% this year, so if you have the means, please consider a 2020 gift.

Want to smile?

Remember our first schoolhouse in Dhayapur, Nepal was completed in February before the world started to shut down in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nepal has been impacted like everywhere else, but as of now, schools are scheduled to reopen this month.

Our second school groundbreaking, scheduled for Malawi in East Africa in April, was postponed just five weeks prior to departure. Schools in Malawi remain closed at the moment with the looming possibility of a country lock-down to curb a recent rise in COVID numbers.

Help Team Dayā stay healthy during this pandemic so we can rise stronger than ever after this pandemic. With your help, we can be prepared to break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy in some of the poorest countries on earth.

Donate to Team Dayā. August donations will be matched (up to $4,000) by Shiv Gupta and digital marketing education company U of Digital.

Have questions? Think you or a friend might want to join our team? Please get in touch – we would love to hear from you.

Grateful for your support,

Jay Sears
Team Dayā

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